List of Research Centers

 | Post date: 2021/04/18 | 

Amirkabir University of Technology for the development of technology in the country for many years has established and launched research units whose mission priorities are:

  • Development of technology in the way of turning science into a product

  • Conducting demand-driven research in solving community problems

  • Training of technology specialists

Following the implementation of the AUT-PL-2110 document entitled "Program for reviewing and forming large research units in Amirkabir University of Technology" on 3/3/1397, research institutes and research centers with the approach of increasing synergy and interdisciplinary measures in a new format and Or merged. Based on this document, two types of research institutes were defined:

Type A research institutes (inside the campus): List of Type A research institutes   
Type B research institutes (under the supervision of the University Vice Chancellor): List of Type B research institutes

Accordingly, type A research institutes are research institutes that are located in the form of specializations within a campus, and type B research institutes are research institutes that need more than one campus specialties or are required in the initial formation stage to be supported. Initially, the university was formed and then transferred to the campuses.
These research institutes and research centers provide a dynamic environment for professors and researchers with a practical problem-solving and demand-oriented approach in relation to society and industry. Managing and carrying out interdisciplinary and large industrial projects is one of the most important tasks of these research institutes. Creating technical knowledge and presenting innovations close to the market and the needs of society are other missions of these research institutes. Obviously, the registration of national and international patents and the formation of reproductive companies are other missions of these research institutes.

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