The most successful higher education centers in the country

Relying on the capabilities and capabilities of professors and students of Amirkabir University of Technology and the efforts of the Office of Marketing and Project Control happened
Presence of the name of Amirkabir University of Technology among the most successful higher education centers in the country in terms of the number and amount of contracts concluded on the basis of the SATE system

Since its inception, the SATE system has played a significant role in the development of cooperation between government organizations and research centers throughout. Pursuant to the legal requirements set forth in paragraph H of Note 9 of Budget Law 99, all government organizations, including companies, banks and other government-affiliated groups, are required to contract at least 40% of their research expenses with universities and other research centers throughout the country. And this is possible only by registering the project in the context of the emitting system.
Therefore, considering the unique software, hardware and human potential of Amirkabir University of Technology, especially the capabilities of faculty members, students and graduates, the marketing office, backed by the support of the University Industry Relations Office, from the beginning a large part of its focus. To inform
Scientific, industrial and applied research opportunities available in the SATE system are assigned to respected faculty members. In this process, the marketing office provides the professors with the details of all the cooperation situations registered in the SATE system through various communication networks. In addition, this office is present along with university professors in all stages of resolving ambiguities, project descriptions, preparing and sending proposals and follow-ups resulting in concluding contracts.
The combination of these efforts has led to the success of Amirkabir University of Technology in the last three years to register a total of 276 billion rials in the SATE system, which in this regard is the second best higher education institution in the country. This is while 50% of the total value of the registered contracts of the four Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Malek Ashtar, Shiraz and the Research Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Iran are parties.
While congratulating all the large and educated family members of Amirkabir University of Technology on this national achievement, he reminds us that the Office of Marketing and Project Control of the University will continue its efforts with all its might to help it achieve more brilliant success. Path will welcome any constructive suggestions to improve existing processes and increase office efficiency.

Source: Tabnak

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