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Perhaps it can be boldly acknowledged that the main mission of the university is to pay attention to the needs of society and meet these needs and the excellence of the level of welfare and life in society. With this view, industrial universities have a serious task in meeting the needs and improving the level of industry. Industry relationship management in universities are the bridge and the right path of interaction between university and industry with the mentioned approach. In this regard, the professor and academic researcher have a key and fundamental role, and the management of industry relations in the position of facilitator and supporter, manages and organizes this cooperation process. Industry Relations Management of Amirkabir University of Technology, by identifying the technological and research needs of industries on the one hand and aligning the scientific, research and technological capacities of professors, research laboratories and technology centers,
The path of this cooperation is provided in the form of formal and legal contracts, The path of this cooperation is provided in the form of formal and legal contracts.
On the other hand, in order to make the process more professional and to prevent professors and researchers from getting involved in non-technical and scientific matters, all legal, insurance, tax and official and administrative correspondences are implemented by the industry relations management.
Another task of this management is to protect the material and intellectual rights of scientific, research and technological outputs in the form of patents, patents and bachelor's degrees in technology.
One of the most important challenges in relation to industries is the lack of communication skills and professional ability of graduates to participate in industry. With this approach, the Skills and Employment Club under the Management of Industry Relations, while monitoring and identifying weaknesses, promotes these capabilities in graduates by providing various and interesting programs. In addition, the supply of industry-skilled manpower is also pursued and implemented by this club.

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