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Patent Advice Center


The purpose of this center is to register new ideas with the capability of industrialization, which is done under the title of patent. The importance of compiling and completing patent documents in the strength of its framework, as well as the need to use experts in the field of intellectual property and patents in this important, led us to set up this center, to pave the way for dear inventors. The purpose of the center is to provide patent registration services and technology-related services, in a way it can be said that the center's product is the writings and evaluations that are done by experts.

Benefits and facilities provided by this center for patent applicants

  1. Patent and prevent the theft of information or rejection based on information defects

  2. Possibility of payment in installments
  3. Signing a valid contract

  4. Inquiry from reputable and required authorities

  5. Prepare all required documents including description, claim, map, landscape, 3D design and defense

  6. Experienced experts who are the inventors and the country's elite

  7. Follow up from zero to one hundred cases by experts without wasting time



  • Advice to inventors

  • Evaluation of the patent before filing the declaration

  • Compilation of all patent documents

  • Responding to judges at all stages of the inquiry

  • Follow all the steps of the final patent

  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of the elites and inventors of Amirkabir University of Technology


Contact us

Contact number of the Patent Consulting Center 64545433
Senate (Patent Writing System):


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