Contracts Affairs

 | Post date: 2021/04/18 | 
In order to promote scientific and technological achievements and communication with the important industries of the country and in order to achieve self-sufficiency, the affairs of management contracts with the university industry are active. Activities include concluding research and industrial contracts, concluding memorandums of understanding with various organizations, sending project reports, conducting all correspondence with industry, issuing various types of guarantees, technical and specialized meetings in order to realize industrial projects, Project control, monitoring the proper execution of contracts, financial accounting of contracts and management of large national projects, defense projects, the presidency and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the issuance of certificates of completion of contracts. The Contracts Department sends project proposals to related industries and organizations, and if proposals are accepted, an industrial contract is concluded between the University Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology (Executor) and Industry (Employer).
Subsequently, the Contracts Department selects the project manager / project manager and delegates authority to the project manager with the signature of the university president. All technical and support work is managed, followed and executed by the project manager and project partners in accordance with Gant Tent and the phases of the contract.
The Department of Contracts, while supervising and formally reviewing the implementation of the stages and phases of the contract, the necessary correspondence with employers, sending reports and executive measures to obtain insurance accounts from the Social Security Organization and specialized consultations on industrial law of contracts is done by the Department of Contracts.

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