Research topics of Mapna Group in 1400

the Mapna group is seeking to develop its cooperation with scientific research centers such as universities, growth centers, budding companies, foundations and researchers in and out of the country and on the basis of this cooperation has worked out a "manual of research topics" group .

This booklet consists of Mapna business requirements in research and development and in the form of a variety of research topics that will be subject to seasonal scheduling for proposal proposal and all universities and research centers will be able to cooperate with the complex guide in the form of research pivots that will be upgraded through certain time periods and can be accessed via Mapna Web site.

All universities and research centers based on the guide in the booklet will be able to co - operate with the Mapna set.

For each of the booklet's research pivots, researchers had to complete their research proposal in the form of an initial proposal form and send them to

The Mapna group is also designing the research portal and technology in line with the identification of researchers, specialists and research capabilities associated with the requirements and research priorities of their research and development of research collaborations. This portal provides joint opportunities for research collaborations in four parts of the Mapna group of researchers outside the Mapna group of academic and scholarly centers of scholarships and universities, tailored to existing needs. All researchers and scholars can record their research records in this portal based on the guide in the research booklet.

Mapna Group Research Manual

Technical Information questionnaire (A2)

Financial Information Questionnaire (B2)

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